About Us

The founder of this website is already selling perfume products since 2007, in her college days. Since then she already knew that she is passionate with perfumes and she knew that she will sell perfumes while she lives.

These perfume business help her a lot, most specially when her mother got stroked in 2009. She didn’t know where to get money to pay for the hospitals and most of all to extend the life of her mother. When Ondoy Typhoon hit Metro Manila in 2009 her mother got her 2nd stroked due to stress and fear, the hospital bills are very expensive on those days that they don’t know where to get money. She said that she was so lucky that week because she got her biggest deal on the week when they really really need money. They paid for the hospital bills and she supported her medicine. She said that “Atleast my mother went out from the hospital alive”.

Unfortunately, her mother passed away last 2011, she was very sad but atleast they made their best to support her mother until she died.

On the last 10 years Scentfie team carefully test the perfumes (actually its very expensive) available in the market to assure that you can only buy the quality perfumes they discovered.