5 Practical Benefits of Using Perfume Atomizers

Refilling Perfume Atomizers

Perfumes have been an important and even necessary part of our daily lives. Hence whenever you leave home without spraying on some fragrances, you feel incompletely for the day. With the hustle and bustle of modern life as we all lead a busy schedule, perfumes are needed to keep us fresh and odor-free.

Perfume bottles

Unfortunately, most perfume bottles are made of glass, quite heavy, and space-consuming. So it is hard to bring the bottle as we leave our home.

So perfume atomizers to do the rescue! Perfume atomizers make it easier to bring your favorite scent to work and is more convenient for applying perfumes on-the-go.

It also reduces waste and mess, since it provides a light mist of perfume.

Sample perfume atomizer

How Perfume Atomizers Work?

Atomizers were already used in the past, with the use of a bulb syringe that is connected to a plastic tube that goes inside the bottle of perfume.

It works by mixing oxygen and liquefied perfume, which results to a fine must of fragrance that is uniformly dispersed on the skin or the surrounding.

At present, perfume atomizers work the same way, but the bulb attachment is no longer used.

Old Perfume Atomizers
Old Perfume Atomizers


5 Benefits of Perfume Atomizers

Better control and less waste, perfume atomizer is truly a gift for perfume-users, which is almost all of us, but it also prevents the spoilage and evaporation of the perfume itself since air is can only be introduced to the perfume bottle during application.


1. Lightweight and Transportable

Lightweight and Transportable Perfume Atomizer

One of the problems with perfume bottles is that the packaging may be beautiful with flamboyant designs, but it is hardly suitable for travel. Plus it can be really heavy. Perfume atomizers can help you here, you can easily place it in your small handbag, in the pocket of your backpack, and in suitcases, so you won’t ever encounter problems when flying an airplane anymore.

So whether you are going on a long-term travel or simply attending an important party, you can always have your perfume.


2. Durable: may last forever!

Durable Perfume Atomizers

Although it is lightweight and quite vulnerable-looking, especially among all the things packed in your luggage, do not be fooled by your perfume atomizers appearance, because original branded perfume atomizers are truly durable.

So unless you are carrying a 100-kilo dumbbell with you that could roll over your perfume atomizer, there is no need to worry about it. Many companies providing perfume atomizers have made sure that it can lasts for a long time and would not be “squashed” without effort.


3. Good Fragrance Delivery

Good Fragrance Delivery

Most perfume atomizers are just the length of your hand and sometimes, people doubt that it can even provide a good fragrance mist because it’s so tiny.

It is common for perfume atomizers to weigh around 12-grams, but it usually delivers an amazing 50 sprays! This would certainly lasts for two weeks or even a whole month, if you are not an excessive-user.


4. You can see its contents

You can see its contents

Perfume atomizers that are easily available in the market are mostly transparent, so it is literally easy to see how much content is left in the bottle. So you can gauge how much more use it could provide for you.

On the other hand, the really expensive perfume atomizers are not transparent, its body is made of sophisticated, but minimalistic, design and very opaque coloring.

But there is always a barometer available on one side. It is sort of like a window for monitoring process.


5. Easily Refillable

Easy to refill

Once you have a good look in your perfume atomizer and seeing that you are running low on perfumes, it is time for refilling. Perfume atomizers make this really easy and there’s no fuss involved, the process is actually very straightforward.

You simply remove the spray head from the perfume bottle, make sure the perfume atomizer is upright on nozzle peg and then pump it full with perfume. Close it again and you have successfully refilled your atomizer.

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