Proven Perfume Scent to Control 6 Different Mood

How brain process the fragrance

Different fragrances can have lasting effects on your mood and well-being. Fragrances have been part of different culture, which can be traced back to the ancient times, and it is not merely a serious case of fab or craze, nor is it a hyped-up commodity to fan consumerism.

It is actually hardwired in your brain to give priority to a variety of scents.

How brain process the fragrance

In fact, a relatively huge part of the human brain is allotted for storage of scents that we encounter throughout our lives, not only because it helps with association and recognition, and eventually memory storage, but because evolution dictates it—a bad smell meant danger and a good smell meant safety.

Hence, our sense of smell is heightened than our other senses. The scent of our loved ones are actually stored in our brains, so even if they are far from us, a whiff of scent similar to them could immediately invoke memories and create a cascade of emotional response from us.

The ideal perfume could not merely raise your spirit, but also alter your mood entirely.

The ideal perfume could not merely raise your spirit

Indeed, more research is needed to prove the direct involvement of fragrance on a person’s mood, but the papers already available already showed a lot of correlation and here is what experts have to say so far:


1. Feeling upbeat, but want to feel even better?

Floral blossoms

Complement your happy mood with a fragrance that has a hint of herbs. This is biological and evolutionary as well. Our human ancestors used to only rely on herbs for medical purposes, so any whiff of herbs can be rejuvenating, as the brain interprets this as a sign that the body being “healed” somehow.

So better opt for products that have mint, blossom, or walnut scents. The cologne should be fresh, but subtle.

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2. Prefer to feel carefree?

Nothing cheers up the brain like the sight of sunlight. The sun is an incredibly important part of survival and our lives revolve around its appearance and presence. Sunlight means it is daytime and it is time to hustle. It also meant good weather and in the modern times, vacation and restful holidays!

So spritz on some perfume that smells like the summertime blossoms, if you wish to feel carefree and feel lighter, shedding off some anxious nerves. The scent must not be overpowering.


3. Want to be seductive?

Vanilla scent Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint

Fragrances are a huge part of the dating culture in the past and in the modern culture, so if you are for a romantic dinner date with your other half, make sure to take some time in choosing your perfume for the occasion.

There are a lot of scents that are naturally an aphrodisiac, so if you have the money to get one, get your hands on it! So if you’re in a seduction mode, use musky, jasmine, and vanilla fragrances in order to can help capture the mood. They’re known aphrodisiacs and also enriches your libido.


4. Want to chill out?




If you are merely having an ordinary day without much event to go to, then settle for some scent that are relaxing and subtle. Use scents that contain the gentle scents of lavender and chamomile to promote calmness. They could rejuvenate the senses and keep you calm daily. Sandalwood, bergamot, patchouli, geranium and ylang-ylang are additional calming aromas.


5. Feeling disappointed?

Citrus scent

We all have our bad days and it’s normal to find comfort in scents that jives with your mood.

But don’t listen to that sad voice in you who wants to gravitate to “sad” scents, instead, go the cheery floral scents to lift you up from your depressed state.

So when you are feeling a little depressed or low, use a perfume with strong citrus scent to immediately boost your morale.


8. Need energy?


There are times when we needed to hustle and our hectic schedule needs all the extra energy we can obtain. So immediately use a fragrance that can energize you to shoulder the busy days ahead.

Take a whiff of something with peppermint prior to a lengthy workout or a long day in the office for that extra push you need to excel.

Scents that are similar to carrot, strawberry or orange are also thought to be energizing.

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