22 Eco Friendly Way To Dispose Your Unwanted Perfume

Perfume Disposal
Do you have perfume bottles that serve no other function than collecting dust or taking up space? Did you fall out of love with a fragrance mid-way through the bottle and have no idea what to do with the bottle anymore? Perhaps, you got a perfume that is smelling a bit off nowadays?
Unwanted Perfume
You can simply throw your perfume bottle, but there are far better choices rather than chucking It in the garbage bin. Hence, many ideas included and compiled in the list below are some ways to find use for fragrances you are no longer keen to consume. After all, perfume is not ideally employed only to skin.

1. Spray perfume in your clothes drawers

porous bag
Alternatively, you can recycle any kind of porous bag by filling it with perfume-doused cotton balls and chucking them into your drawers. Additionally, make use of linen that is dipped in perfume and you can put in the closet or on clothes hangers, etc..

2. Spritz on any material you wish to be fragrant

Spritz on any material
Letters, used for intimate or formal messages, are lovelier when scented. This is another awesome use for your perfume, even if we don’t write letters as we used to before. Even still, memos, notes, agenda notebooks, and notice papers are still part of our lives. Also, imagine sending a scented letter to someone you love, they will be so delighted!

3. Use it on carpet-cleaning

Use it on carpet-cleaning
Scatter a bit of baking soda all over your carpet and simply vacuum it all up the next moment, as it would draw the bad smell from your carpet due to its basic nature, and then douse a little cotton ball/pad in perfume, place it on your carpet, and vacuum it as well. The scented cotton balls would provide a faint smell of perfume!

4. Spray on curtains

Spray on curtains
Curtain cloths can easily absorb a variety of scents. So simply, spray perfume all over it and your room would smell lovely for hours! This is actually my favorite method. Actually, I do so with perfume I still apply to myself!

5. Give it to others as a gift

Give it to others as a gift
This is the obvious thing to do. Donate or re-gift in any way possible — friends, family members, women’s shelters, Great Will, nursing homes, pupils. There will be somebody out there who’ll appreciate your no-longer-desired perfume more than you do.

6. Spray it on your bedding

Spray it on your bedding
Pillows, sheets, covers — yes. Try it out next time you changing pillow cases and beddings and have very pleasant sleep and rest afterwards!

7. Spray it on toilet paper rolls

Spray it on toilet paper rolls
Every trip to the comfort room will be a pleasant one when the paper rolls smell pleasantly, plus, the fragrance you applied on the roll will spread throughout the comfort room!

8. Use your perfume as an air freshener

Use your perfume as an air freshener
Baking powder or soda is the greatest deodorizer. People usually up the ante by placing aroma or essential oils into jars of baking soda and leave them around the house, but why not use a perfume instead?

9. Produce your own “Poo-pourri”

Produce your own “Poo-pourri”
Ever since it has become popular, it is being described this way: Poo-pourri is something that’s sprayed to the bowl until one lets loose a chocolate caboose. It creates a film on the water’s surface, so after using the toilet, it traps the bad odor and you can now use the toilet anywhere without risking embarrassment.

10. Spray it around your room

Spray it around your room
A more direct approach to freshening up the air. Particularly beneficial in the restroom.

11. Steam the atmosphere with fragrances

Steam the atmosphere with fragrances
Putting perfume into boiling water would infuse the air with fragrance as the vapor rise from the hot water! The fragrant vapor will easily envelope any place, space, or environment you are in, or you can simply use a humidifier to make this work.

12. Spritz perfume on your lamp shades

Spritz perfume on your lamp shades
The heat the lightbulb would help disperse the scent of your perfume. Remember that heat activates fragrances, so this is a really witty way to use unwanted perfumes! Avoid using an oil-based perfume for this, though, as it may cause ignition.

13. Place a scented handkerchief in the wash

Place a scented handkerchief in the wash
Next time you are doing your laundry, get a handkerchief and spray a perfume on it, before putting it in the washing machine or dryer. After the laundry cycle, the scent form your handkerchief would definitely be infused with all your other garments as well. Use that handkerchief afterwards to fulfill different purposes: stick it in a purse, storage containers, drawers, etc..

14. Spray perfume on tissue paper for travel and storage

Spray perfume on tissue paper for travel and storage
Spritz cologne on tissue paper and keep it in the drawer where you store your clothes and other garments or items. You can also put this scented tissue in your handbag, dress pocket, and suitcases!

15. Make your car smell really good

Make your car smell really good
Most of the time, people just buy a car freshener, but you can skip those for now and use your perfume instead. You can simply get your perfume, open it, and let the scent diffuse. Alternatively, you can spray it on a cloth, leave it in the car, or simply spray it on the seats, but don’t be overzealous since it might damage your seat holster.

16. Spray perfume on your next bath steam

Spray perfume on your next bath steam 
 When preparing a bath, spritz perfume into the steam coming off at the tap. Spray into the air directly before a hot shower, too. You’d essentially be producing an aromatherapy room. Mild floral’s, citrus, and fresh, crisp scents are recommended rather than overbearing scents.

17. Make a scented lotion

 Make a scented lotion
In case you’ve got a large bottle of fragrance or any perfume samples, then you can flip any cream into a scented lotion. Simply add a couple drops into an unscented moisturizer/lotion, and you will have your very own scented cream.

18. Create some fragrance DYI

 Create some fragrance DYI
 Fragrance places including creams, shower gels, or lotions in addition to a bottle of odor are remarkably common. If you like these companion products, you probably find that the cologne outlasts the scented creams. Save money and layer your odor the DYI way by adding perfume to scent free creams and gels. It is also possible to re-purpose fragrance to create powder or solid perfume to use as gifts.

19. Scent up your own fans

Scent up your own fans
If you reside in Asia, where handheld fans are used during summer, consider spraying a perfume on your fan, so next time you use it, you are not just going to get a blast of cool air, but also obtain a gently fragrant environment.

20. Stop the bad garbage smell

 Stop the bad garbage smell
There are probably more effective things to use to refresh the environment, but I admit I’ve sprayed perfume on top of my garbage before shutting the lid. I’ve yet to utilize it in my own shoes, but it might prove a good alternative for those with smelly feet.

21. Keep old bottles for decoration

 Keep old bottles for decoration
Don’t throw out your old perfume bottles! You can fill them with items like beads or glitter for decoration. You can also just arrange a lot of fragrance bottles on a tray for a really cute room ornament.

22. Reduce buying more than you need

Reduce buying more than you need
 Perfume enthusiast sometimes get carried away once they see perfumes in the store, buying impulsively because of the appealing bottle, or designs, or a due to the good salesperson. But if you keep buying perfumes that you end up not using anyway, try to limit impulsive perfume-buying and be a more selective consumer. It is not cool to have so many unwanted perfumes in your closet, because it’s ends up more as an irritant to you, than a lovely part of your collection!
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